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27/11/14 Άγκυρα Απίστευτες οι δηλώσεις Βενιζέλου σε Τουρκικό κανάλι - 10/12/14 Κουμουνδούρου Μονοδρομος οι εκλογές Δεν θα βρουν τους 180 - Κραυγή αγωνίας ενός Πομάκου Σώστε τη Θράκη μας
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  1. Beauty & self-care
    • For the Sun: Shampoo, Sprays or Maybe Just a Hat

    HAIR -unlike skin- can't get sunburn, wrinkles or cancer. So why would it need a sunscreen? The answer is obvious to anyone who has spent the day biking, lolling at the pool or just walking on a cloudless day."

    The New York Times June 1, 2006 >> more << back to greek

    After a day on the beach, my hair just feels fried and I feel like I need to use a deep conditioner the next day," said Kathy Green, an editor in New York at Fitness magazine >> more

  1. Yoga topics
  2. Aum
    Η φωνη του Απολυτου
    • Hare Krishna

    Oh Supreme Lord, Why you give us this beautiful creation of Yours and sooner or later you make it disappear from our eyes? >> more

    • The Cheaters and the Cheated

    Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakur used to say that this material world is simply a society of cheaters and the cheated. In our travels around the world we are certainly witnessing this - first hand wherever we go >> more

    • Devotional Mood

    The pure devotees who are qualified to see God at every minute do not like to revel, "I have seen God. I have seen God." They prefer to taste the ultimate nectar, the mood of hankering to see God in great pain of separation >> more

    • Krishna Consciousness

    There is no reason to suffer another minute in the cycle of birth and death. We can become liberated immediately or it may take us millions of births and deaths. It is simply a matter of fully adopting the proper modus operandi, the proper mood of thinking, speaking, and acting >> more

    • The Difference between a living and a dead body

    If we have a little common sense and a sincere desire to know things as they are, there are so many things we can learn just by studying things around us.

    For example, even by observing the difference between a living body and a dead body we can understand some of the basic underlying facts of reality >> more

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